Harness our proven infrastructure

A website is a company's presence to the world. For every client your website brings in, hundreds more may have visited your site and left. There are a multitude of reasons why people click away from a website; and most of these problems are the most avoidable. By utilizing our proven process, our team will help you create the perfect solution by:


Before we begin anything, we will hold a preliminary meeting to fully assess your goals and needs. Based on this information, we can develop a quote and implementation plan. This step ensures that you know what you are getting and when you will get it, before you commit to spending a dime.


Based on our analysis results, our designers will get to work creating. As designs come in, they will be immediately posted to our content management system for your comments and approval. Revisions will be made available in a similar fashion until you are happy with the results.


Once the flow and preliminary design have been established, it's time to start building the site. Our developers will being by modeling out the database schema, and creating the business logic. We then begin assembling the site and when a version is made available, we will push it to a development server so that you can evaluate the work.


Once we deliver the development site, we begin the testing process. We will work with you to determine exactly how each site is tested. You test the application in house, bring it out for focus groups or have us do it. We provide a bug and issue tracking system, so that problems can be easily reported and fixed.


Based on the results of testing, we will provide you with a date that the system will be ready to go live. You may choose any date after that to launch. If you decide to host with us, we will carefully monitor the servers to make sure there are no issues and if there are we will quickly address them. If you are hosting elsewhere, we will be on hand to help your ISP if there are any issues with the code that need to be corrected. In either case, we strive to make your launch day as painless as possible.